In the Works

Not Yet in the Works

  • Add googletest to your CMake project.

    • Cite this bullshit

    • Complain a lot about everyone using Git subrepos, static linking, and The Internet as a whole. Subtitle: “Fighting Against Fake News”. Use Four Letter Words a lot.

    • Well ok, googletest goes out of its way, describes the method, and goes on to say that this is the simplest method, but also the most unprofessional.

    • GTest “find module”. Explain roughly what “find modules” are.

    • Why am I not happy with this populistic bullshit?

      • They say “gtest_discover_tests is more robust than …”, and in the same sentence they say “it may not work in a cross-compiling environment” - implicitly knowing that it will not work.

      • gtest_add_tests scans the source code in a rather primitive way, leaving the user with all sorts of errors.

  • Scheduling: the porting trap (plus link to it in Porting to Linux (There’s Always A Better Way), “Processes are Threads”)

  • Timers in Linux hehe!!

  • html_sidebars not respected in RTD theme. How to fix that? Alternative solution, like inheriting a template?

  • Document my own sphinx usage

  • ablog

    • doc roles have to absolute, apparently. couldn’t figure out what the doc name was, at least.

    • pieces (especially that the atom feed is silently generated when blog_baseurl is not set).

Revisit Existing Posts

  • go over posts, and use sidebars and admonition more (looks nicer, provides structure (importance))

  • pour tags in

    • linux

    • kernel

    • github

    • sphinx

    • python

    • c

    • c++

    • unittest

    • training

    • hardware

    • gpio

    • i2c

    • blah …