Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

My $0.02

People ever wanted to develop on Linux [1] - but it has never been easy to make a living from it. Anyway, times are changing: Linux development has gained a commercial side as more and more devices run Linux and a lot of companies are making good money with Linux development. Many of these companies are addicted to Windows (who can imagine leading a life without Outlook? Teams?), and it has proved hard to work for Linux on a (company-rules-dicdated 🥷) Windows machine.

M$ has finally acknowledged that fighting Linux does not make sense.

It is, in this light, very respectful from Microsoft to help people out as much as they can [2].

WSL, Finally

WSL is a good thing. If I had to, I’d appreciate that I could just say (but not without opening a command window first),

wsl --install

This innocent looking command installs a virtualized Ubuntu Linux inside Windows, and provides mostly seamless integration with it.

Alternatives are: