Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

My $0.02

People ever wanted to develop on Linux 1 - but it has never been easy to make a living from it. Anyway, times are changing: Linux development has gained a commercial side as more and more devices run Linux and a lot of companies are making good money with Linux development. Many of these companies are addicted to Windows (who can imagine leading a life without Outlook? Teams?), and it has proved hard to work for Linux on a (company-rules-dicdated 🥷) Windows machine.

M$ has finally acknowledged that fighting Linux does not make sense.

It is, in this light, very respectful from Microsoft to help people out as much as they can 2.

WSL, Finally

WSL is a good thing. If I had to, I’d appreciate that I could just say (but not without opening a command window first),

wsl --install

This innocent looking command installs a virtualized Ubuntu Linux inside Windows, and provides mostly seamless integration with it.

Alternatives are:



Fun can be had there; I tend to have fun when I understand things (clear concepts for exampke) which is not easy on Windows.


I suppose the motivation is not pure altruism though.