More About Sets


  • Unordered collection of distinct objects

  • set in a mathematical sense

  • Membership tests

  • Addition and removal of elements

  • Mathematical operations, like …

    • Intersection

    • Union

    • Difference

Operations on Sets (1)

Test operations

x in s

Is x member of s

x not in s

in, negated

s1 == s2

True if both contain the same elements

s1 != s2


Does s have no elements in common with other?

s1 <= s2

Is s1 a subset of s2?

s1 < s2

Is s1 a strict subset of s2?

s1 >= s2

Is s1 a superset of s2?

s1 > s2

Is s1 a strict superset of s2?

Operations on Sets (2)

Building sets from other sets

s1 | s2


s1 & s2


s1 - s2


s1 ^ s2

Symmetric difference

All operations available as |= (for example)

Constructing sets
>>> s = {1, 2, 3}
>>> s = set([1, 2, 3]) # ... or any iterable