This is incomplete C++ material that was put together for a very specialized training. See here for the official C++ training.


Group Description

cluster_cxx C++ cxx_ownership_raii C++: Ownership/RAII cxx_exercises C++: Exercises cxx_class_template C++: Class Templates cxx_class_intro C++: Class (Introduction) cxx_class_template->cxx_class_intro cxx_global_initialization C++: Global Objects Initialization cxx_dynamic_memory C++: Dynamic Memory cxx_inheritance_virtual C++: Inheritance, Interfaces, virtual cxx_smart_pointers C++: Smart Pointers cxx_smart_pointers->cxx_ownership_raii cxx_templates_vs_interfaces C++: Templates vs. Interfaces cxx_lambda C++: Lambda cxx_stl_container_intro C++: STL Containers (Intro)