Linux Basics (30.11.2020 - 3.12.2020)


I will bring a number of Raspberry Pi computers, similar to what the trainees will be working with at their jobs - embedded Linux. I’ll also bring network equipment to make the training environment pretty autonomous. No preparation needed from company side.


This is a preliminary list of topic that we will cover. Please send suggestions to

  • Overview of concepts

  • Commandline - the Bourne Shell

  • Filesystem

    • File Types

    • Tools (cp, mv, rm, …)

    • Permissions

  • More Commandine

    • More Tools: grep, find, head, tail

    • IO Redirection

    • The Pipe

    • Archiving and Comressing (gzip/bzip2, tar)

  • Diagnosing

    • Processes: ps, top, and procfs (and scheduling in general)

    • Network: netstat and netcat/nc

  • Shell Scripting

    • Syntax and Concepts

    • Control Flow: if, while, case

    • Functions, Blocks, and Subshells