Python Advanced (2023-09-25 - 2023-09-27)

Day 1

Recap Of Python Basics Course (Before Summer)

Look through code in

Project Management: Requirements, Sandboxing, Testing

For those who want/need it:


Day 2

Object Oriented Programming


From Object Oriented Programming


Into The Wild: Group Project Kickoff

With a basic understanding of code structuring (classes and modules - and TDD), let’s hack something. An idea:

  • Configurable set of sensors

  • Polymorphic data sinks (⟶ composite sink)

  • Acquisition engine in the middle

  • CSV sources and sinks?

  • MQTT maybe? How’s the internet accessed in the company? (MQTT)

  • Completely insane: the pytest monkeypatch fixture (testing MQTT functionality without MQTT/internet)


OO Design: Duck Typing, Inheritance, And Abstract Base Classes

Exceptions, with

Package And Dependency Management

Function Arguments, Closures, Decorators

Operator Overloading