Python Advanced (2022-03-15 - 2022-03-17, 2022-03-31)



Good morning!

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Test Driven Development

(Mostly from Is Software A Craft? Software Is A Craft! ⟶ Clean Code)

I had stated my strong opinion about (excess) debugger usage. (In short words, debuggers are from hell when you use one to comprehend code that is otherwise incomprehensible - the same holds true for excess IDE usage).

Discussion, naturally (thank you Alex). Decided to switch to test driven development, provocantly. Based upon pytest Introduction, By Example, hacked the following topics while introducing TDD:

(“Project” here)


Revisit yesterday’s mess …

Continue with mess …

  • Elaborate on class User ⟶ require that constructor raise a dedicated exception if, for example, id is not an integer (requirement here)

  • More requirements … (here)

  • More …