Python Advanced (2023-10-09 - 2023-10-11)

Recap Of Python Basics Course (Before Summer)

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Project Management: Requirements, Sandboxing, Testing


Object Oriented Programming

Classes: Basics

From Object Oriented Programming


Classes: More

Into The Wild: Group Project Kickoff

With a basic understanding of code structuring (classes and modules - and TDD), let’s hack something. Idea: a “data logger” application.

  • Configurable set of sensors

  • Polymorphic data sinks

  • Acquisition engine in the middle

  • CSV log format initially; if there’s time, we could add more (XML? MQTT?)

Spoiler: Group Project Outcome

This is what became of it, at the end of day 3:

  • A set of sensors, arranged in a class hierarchy

  • A set of data loggers, arranged in a class hierarchy

  • A set of error handlers, arranged in a class hierarchy

  • An acquisition loop class which uses sensors, loggers, and error handlers

../../../../_images/acquisition-loop.png ../../../../_images/hierarchies.png

OO Design: Duck Typing, Inheritance, And Abstract Base Classes

Exceptions, with

More About Functions