Embedded Computing 1 (English)

Course Content

  • Linux: (Bourne Again) Shell – Bash

  • Linux: System Concepts, Diagnosing

    • Processes and address spaces

    • The File system

    • Permissions

    • Networking

    • Hardware and Devices

    • Realtime

  • C/C++ Development

    • Cross Development

    • C++ Basics: classes, constructor and destructor, smart pointers, container templates

  • Python

    • Basics: variables, data types, control flow

    • Modularization: functions, modules, packages

    • Excerpts from the Python Standard Library

  • Exercises: embedded development in Linux

Learning Outcome


  • understand Linux as a development platform

  • understand Linux as target platform, by learning about its concepts

  • are familiar with the commandline (shell) on a Linux system

  • know how to do cross development

  • know how to talk to hardware on Linux

  • know about the basic features of C++

  • know how to write nontrivial programs in Python

Mode of delivery

Integrated course, exercises 50%

Prerequisites and Co-Requisites

  • Computer Science and Programming 1

  • Computer Science and Programming 2

  • Embedded Systems

Assessment Methods and Criteria

  • Written exam copvering the theoretical part

  • Exercises