Group Project

  • Assignment sheet on Moodle

  • Show Project Management

  • Git structure; see Github project

    • Sphinx, build

    • src/ece19: point out that this is where we are working in. Last semester has been pushed down into summer-2021.

  • Next sessions

    • VO 2021-11-15

    • UE 2021-11-16

    Discuss consultation hours where I sit in FH for one day.

Discussion of Tasks

  • Sensors

    • LM73

      • Temperature Sensor: LM73 (via hwmon); Involves kernel build!

      • Temperature Sensor: LM73 (via i2c-dev)

    • Temperature Sensor: DS18S20

      This task is performed by two groups. Maybe agree that one of those should proceed with the Switch interface instead?

    • Simulated/Dummy Thermometers. Point towards Iterating Intelligently: Generators, and the Iterator Protocol.

    • Arduino/Raspberry Communication (Proxy Sensor)*. The *heavyweight!

  • Sensor Usage

    • Program: Read Sensors, Write to stdout*. Point out that this task defines the sensor list configuration.

    • Program: Read Sensors, Publish to MQTT Topic. point out that this task uses the sensor list configuration.


  • Setup Pi (again?)

  • Use ssh to connect to the Pi (here)

  • Mount your Pi homedirectory (here)


  • Add VSCode to Vbox image

  • Topic: Raspi static IP, point to point connection to Linux PC (on subnet 192.168.7.*)